5 Relaxing Ways to Spend Your Sunday

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With Thanksgiving behind us and loads of Holiday plans ahead, we thought we’d take this Sunday to truly unwind. Indulge in a delicious brunch, curl up on your couch in your comfiest clothes, and create a seriously relaxing ambiance. Simply try these five ideas on how to spend your Sunday and enjoy a day at home together.

1. Make this

So what if you just spent the last few days stuffing yourself with Thanksgiving goodness? You deserve a treat. Why not try this insanely delicious Hot Chocolate French Toast recipe? Your taste buds will thank you.


2. Watch this

Choose a movie series you’ll both enjoy like the entire Back to the Future trilogy. Sit back with your hot cocoa and reminisce with this oldie but goodie.

3. Wear this

Go all out with flannel pajamas, cozy slippers, and top it off with this Nine Space Robe. If you’re gonna relax, do it in style.

nine space robe

4. Drink this

Any chilly Sunday spent at home calls for a warm cup of hot cocoa. Rather than a classic mix of cocoa powder and water, why not try this dreamy Coconut Hot Chocolate recipe? How Sweet It Is seriously knows how to indulge.

5. Smell this

Fill your home with tranquil smells like this LAFCO New York Candle in Fresh Cut Gardenia. It’s the perfect scent for a relaxing Sunday at home.

lafco candle

How are you spending your Sunday?

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  1. Shawne says

    I want that Pia Wallen cross blanket soooooooo much. Or that entire bedroom.

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