Bring on the Bubbly with These Sparkling Cocktails

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When it comes to celebrating the New Year, champagne is a must, but who knew it was so versatile? POPSUGAR Food shows us a handful of delicious cocktails all made with this festive staple.


Champagne or sparkling wine is wonderful enjoyed on its own, but why not step it up a notch? Take a look at our recipes for cocktails that have just the right amount of effervescence to them.

Sparkling Lillet and Grapefruit Cocktail


Light, refreshing, and almost too easy to sip on, this Lillet aperitif is a great way to kick off the night. Even better, it clocks in at a mere four ingredients and requires naught but a languid stir in the glass and a quick swipe of a vegetable peeler along a juicy orange for the twist garnish.

Temporary Getaway


Thinly sliced apples add both visual interest and floral fruity flavor to a delectable cocktail that’s like a vacation in a glass.

Grapefruit Mimosa


Don’t let the orange hue fool you — this mimosa is actually made with mango purée and grapefruit juice! Mango thickens and sweetens the mimosa, while the grapefruit provides a crispness that complements the sparkling wine.

Sparkling Pear and Elderflower Cocktail


Bright, effervescent, and subtly spiced from the crucial addition of Hangar One Spiced Pear Vodka, this elderflower cocktail is simple yet elegant. It’s a great predinner cocktail that will steal the show.

Strawberry Kir Royale


For a fresh, tangy take on a classic French cocktail — the kir royale — swap strawberry liqueur for crème de cassis.

Hummingbird Cocktail


The hummingbird, an ethereal, floral concoction, isn’t likely to get you very tipsy — a pro or con, depending on who’s asking — but it’s too lovely to pass up.

Sparkling Pomegranate


Ruby-hued and ultrasimple to prepare, this three-ingredient (including the garnish!) stunner is sure to enter your cocktail rotation.

Champagne Cosmo


Mixing the best of both worlds, this Champagne cosmo blends vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, lime, and sparkling wine.

Sparkling Bourbon Cocktail


Think of this sparkling bourbon cocktail as an effervescent take on the old fashioned.

Death in the Afternoon


Equal parts bright, zesty, and bittersweet, the Aperol spritz is a classic for a reason.

Grapefruit-Elderflower Sparkler


Floral St. Germain rounds out the tangy grapefruit juice and effervescent Champagne for a celebration-worthy sparkler.

Pomegranate Citrus, Grapefruit Basil, and Cranberry Mint Champagne Cocktails


Set up a bar topped with Champagne-cocktail-friendly syrups like pomegranate citrus, grapefruit basil, or cranberry mint so guests can pour their own drinks, freeing you up for the festivities at hand.

Lemon Raspberry Fizz


In this lemon raspberry fizz, the marriage of limoncello, berries, and sparkling wine is not only beautiful, but also delicious — and this drink can be easily multiplied if you’re hosting for a crowd!

Honeyed French 75


Love the French 75 cocktail, but looking for something with even more punch? Try this version that’s sweetened with honey and has twice as much gin and still goes down almost too easily.

Bubbly Poinsettia


Keep party guests guessing at the secret ingredient in this crowd-pleasing tipple. Spoiler alert: it’s maraschino liqueur.

Classic Mimosa


The tried-and-true combination of orange juice and Champagne is a classic for a reason. For extra sparkle (though it hardly needs it), add a splash of Grand Marnier or other orange liqueur.

Paradise Mule


Made with pisco, sparkling wine, and St-Germain, a paradise mule is like a Peruvian take on the perennially popular moscow mule. It’s definitely a cocktail that will have you toasting for more.

Grapefruit Mimosa

Grapefruit-Mimosa (1)

Add vibrantly hued grapefruit juice to Champagne for an enticing tipple that’s most at home during the day. To fortify it for nighttime celebrations, add a splash of liqueur like ginger-packed Canton or citrusy Grand Marnier.

Image Credit || Nicole Perry, Anna Monette Roberts, POPSUGAR Studios

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