Unique Cash Funds that Might Inspire You

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Long gone are the days when asking for cash gifts at a wedding was frowned upon. Now, modern couples that have no need for extra dishes or additional kitchen supplies have made wedding cash funds common place. You’ve probably already considered a honeymoon fund, but we’ve seen some of our couples create awesome and unique cash funds, so we’re bringing you our favorite ideas to help inspire you.

House Down Payment
wedding cash fund
Ask your friends and family to help you buy that dream home you’ve always wanted. This will be the biggest investment you will make as a newlywed couple, so create a cash fund to help you with the down payment.

Children’s College Fund
wedding cash fund _2
It’s never too early to start thinking about your children’s college funds – no matter how long you’re planning to wait until having kids. Your friends and family will love helping you invest in your children’s future.

wedding cash fund _3
For all the dinners and get-togethers to come, create a fund to start a small wine cellar. Wine is an investment, so with the cash people have gifted you, purchase cases and store them in your home so they appreciate in value.

Cooking Classes
wedding cash fund _4
While you can register for specific cooking classes without setting up a cash fund (see Zola’s Experiences), if there’s a class you’ve been wanting to take in a city that we don’t have covered, create a separate fund so your guests can help you pay for those courses you’ve been itching to take. You and your fiancé will love cooking together for years to come.

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Passionate about a specific cause or charity? Ask your guests to donate what they would have spent on you to a better cause.

wedding cash fund _6
Looking forward to decorating your new home? Create a cash fund for artwork so you can make an investment out of what you hang on your walls. 

Date Night Fund
wedding cash fund _7
As a married couple, it will always be important to keep the spark alive. Make sure that you continue to go out on dates like you did in the early days by creating a cash fund for those romantic dinners.

Your Wedding Cake (or photographer, flowers, caterer…) 
wedding cash fund _8
Whether it’s for that delicious 3-tiered chocolate mouse cake, the professional photographer, or the extensive flower arrangements, let your friends and family help contribute to your big day by gifting cash funds for your wedding expenses.

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