Last-Minute Wedding Registry Updates Before Wedding Season Starts!

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It’s almost here! Your wedding, that is. And as if you didn’t have enough to do before the Big Day (final dress fittings, not getting fired from your job, etc.), here are the last-minute wedding registry updates we recommend. They’re fun and stress-free, we promise. Enjoy!


Make Sure You Have Gifts at Every Price Point
This pro tip is especially true since we are right in the middle of Shower Season. Typically, wedding shower gifts are significantly less expensive than wedding gifts. With this in mind, make sure you register for enough $50 and under price point presents. Think: kitchen accessories and barware to match all your new appliances.


Add Gifts Your Guests Want To Get You
It’s all about you (and your fiancé, of course), but your guests have their own tastes too. Check out Zola’s specially-curated list of the top gifts guests love to give. We’re pretty sure you’ll love them just as much as your guests do, too.


Keep Adding More
As if you didn’t have enough all already! As your wedding approaches, your wedding registry gifts are quickly getting scooped up. Make sure you have enough options for the last-minute gift-givers, so they can get you something that fits their budget and your tastes. Which brings us to…


Use Our Registry Planner
Not sure how many gifts you need to account for all your guests? Use our simple planner to determine just how many you’ll need in each price range on your registry based on the number of guests attending your wedding. It’s that easy!


Make Sure You Click “Share”
Don’t forget to let your guests know where to find your registry! (Otherwise you’ll be stuck with a lot of mismatched china and returns for days). We recommend sending the link to your family and wedding party and putting a link directly on your wedding website.

Wedding approaching and still haven’t registered? Sign up here.

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