Author: The Zola Team

White wedding invitation suite with black writing

Wise Tips: Hand-Canceling Wedding Invitations

Since you’ve gotten engaged and started planning your wedding, you might’ve heard about “hand-canceling,” but you probably have no idea what it is and/or whether you should do it. “Canceling” in postal service jargon is printing a mark on top of the stamp as it is processed through the mail, and is used to prevent people from re-using stamps. Nowadays, canceling happens through a machine. But when it comes to your gorgeous wedding invitations, there’s a chance that your envelopes can bend or even rip when they make their way through that machine. Also, if you choose to seal your invitations with wax, Read More

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Dos and Don’ts Of Wedding Guest Fashion

Wedding season is just about to kick into high gear, and with all those invites on your fridge, you’re probably asking yourself a few questions: what do you want for dinner in four months? Do you have a plus one? And most importantly, what are you going to wear? Since we can’t help you out with the date situation, we’re happy to provide some wedding guest fashion tips. Here are a few critical do and don’ts to ensure you are faux pas-free and win the award for best dressed. Read on for our rules of women’s wedding guest fashion—so you’ll never Read More

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Wedding Day Gift Ideas from the Groom to His Bride

Today, we’re compiling a list of wedding day gift ideas that will leave your lady speechless on the morning of your big day. We can pretty much guarantee that any of these items will be well received, so tune in and get to gifting. A Note If the two of you have decided not to exchange wedding day gifts (after all, you’re already giving each other the best gift of all—each other), then we suggest you at least write her a love note to open on the morning of her wedding day. Not only is this incredibly sweet, but she’ll love to Read More

Small framed paintings tied with ribbon and tags as wedding favors on a table

Wedding Favor Ideas We Love

We’re big fans of giving wedding favors to your guests. After all, these folks took the time to come to your wedding, buy you a fabulous gift from your wedding registry (let’s hope), and maybe even attend your engagement party or wedding shower (which means more gifts, natch). So why not return the love and give them a little memento to take home and enjoy? Granted, if you’re thinking your only options are bubbles or keychains stamped with your wedding date, we can see why you might want to skip it. But there are really so many classy, creative favor ideas to Read More