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Beef and asparagus dinner on white plate

The Cost Of Wedding Catering: Plated Vs. Buffet Vs. Family Style

Deciding your wedding catering personality is a difficult task. Of course, you want to provide your guests with a meal that will leave them raving about your wedding food for years to come, but you also can’t break the bank. Your wedding is likely the first time you’ve ever had to think about catering such a large and important affair, and there are a lot of things to know—most importantly, what things cost. Keep in mind that wedding catering might be the most expensive part of the day: the reception is basically just one big dinner party. If you’re sourcing the food, cake, beverages, linens, silverware, and tables all from one caterer, then that could be a hefty price tag. But take a breath. It’s gonna be okay. Get comfortable with this idea now, so you don’t get sticker shock when you start to see numbers. There are typically three types of dinner service to choose from—plated, family style, and buffet—with plated meals usually being the most expensive and buffet usually being the least expensive. That being said, each style …

Individual succulents wedding favor

5 DIY Summer Wedding Favor Ideas

Although there are countless wedding vendors to help you all along the way when planning your summer wedding, you might find yourself wanting to personalize your nuptials with a few fun DIY wedding projects. Who wouldn’t enjoy spending a couple hours soaking in the sunshine while crafting away? And what better way is there to put your craftiness to good use than to whip up some DIY wedding favors? Here are 5 DIY wedding favor ideas that we adore for summer weddings. 1) Spread The Love Your wedding guests will surely wish that they could bottle up all of the evening’s love and happiness. This favor may not be able to do exactly that, but it’s close. Purchase some glass jelly jars and some local honey or jam (or make your own!), fill those babies up, and add a little flair. Your finished product: an adorable wedding favor that will allow your guests to “spread the love” they felt at your wedding for days to come. 2) Send Them Home With S’more Love Your love sure is sweet, but your guests …

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Tips On Eloping In Hawaii

Wedding planning stress got you down? Is the idea of eloping in Hawaii starting to seem like a no-brainer? If you answered “yes” to both of those, then start practicing your “aloha” and read on. First off, a big congrats on your recent engagement! Your partner got down on one knee and asked you to be theirs forever. Ever since then, your world has been nothing but a blur of champagne toasts and heartfelt congratulations. It all seemed utterly blissful… that is, until you got into the planning process. All of a sudden, you’re bombarded with ideas of venues, flower choices, linen colors, cocktail hours, wedding party gifts—the list is endless. That’s enough to drive even the most laid-back couples to their breaking point. So here’s a novel idea: why not just skip the whole wedding and opt for eloping in Hawaii? The entire day is about celebrating the love you and your fiancé(e) have for each other, so how about you forget the stress-inducing formalities, run off to Hawaii, and exchange your vows under the glow of the sunset—just …