A Wedding Registry for Two

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So you want to make a wedding registry that is appealing to both of you, right? After all, sharing the good stuff is what marriage is all about. But hey, this is actually a little harder than most couples initially realize. Here are our top tips to make everyone happy when creating your joint wedding registry.

Tip 1: Make the big choices together.

For example, are you going to approach your wedding registry as an opportunity to upgrade your essentials or are you going to ask friends and family to help expense your dream trip around the world? Make sure you tackle this one ASAP because as soon as you two are on the same page, you can get to the fun stuff.


Tip 2: Register early.

We can’t stress this enough! You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly gifts start arriving after your engagement is announced, so make it easy on your friends and family to ensure they get you the stuff you truly want. When one person in the relationship cares a little more than the other about the details, get your wedding registry out of the way as soon as possible and let the gifts you want roll in.


Tip 3: Enjoy yourself!

This is supposed to be fun, remember? No need to stress out over all the gifts you’re getting from your closest family, friends and even those nice people at the office. But if you’re feeling a little stressed, don’t worry – we have handy gift guides to make it easy for both of you to get what you want. Check out our gift collections page for some expert guidance on making the best wedding registry that suites both of your needs.

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  1. Love the content here, but disappointed to see only straight, young, white couples in the pictures. Not a great look for such a forward-thinking company!

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