Toast Meets World and Finn are Engaged!

It’s official – Toast Meets World and Finn are FINALLY engaged! And it’s about time, too. It seems like they’ve been together forever. From gala hopping to raising awareness for The Humane Society, this power duo has made the rounds as NYC’s hottest IT couple. They started out as friends in the same social circle, but their schedules never lined up. Even still, Finn was determined to win over Toast’s affection. When asked for comment Finn said, “the heart knows what the heart wants and mine is forever set on Toast.” Awww, how sweet! He knew his time would come and it certainly did after a coincidental off-leash run-in one morning in Central Park… and the rest is history. Their story is a fairy tale come true for two pups who started their lives in far humbler beginnings. Both Toast and Finn began their lives in puppy mills, which are inhumane factories where animals are mistreated and forced to breed the dogs you see staring at you from pet store windows worldwide. The fact that Toast and Finn are here … Continue reading Toast Meets World and Finn are Engaged!