Tips and Tricks: 5 Hacks to Personalizing Your Wedding

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Today’s couples want their big day to be a reflection of who they are. According to The XO Group, personalization is on the rise and brides and grooms are increasingly choosing venues and styles that are unique to them. So if you’re looking to ditch the typical ceremony and make sure everything about your wedding day is authentically you, this next post in our ‘Tips and Tricks’ series is for you. Here are five important hacks that will help you stay true to who you are on your wedding day (and might also end up saving you some money!).

1| Order From Your Favorite Local Restaurant
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Want to serve a delicious meal that reflects the type of food you actually like? Ditch the wedding caterer and their five course pre-plated dinner and reach out to your favorite local restaurant. Order in bulk and have a buffet style dinner with only your favorite dishes.

2| Celebrate in Your Own Backyard 
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You don’t need a large banquet hall or hotel event space to throw a beautiful wedding. Consider having your big day in one of your back yards or in that public park that you always spend time in together. This will save you money and allow you to celebrate in a truly genuine setting.

3| Opt in for DIY Décor
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The best way to have a unique and intimate feeling wedding is to decorate it yourself. From your centerpieces to your wedding programs and seating cards, get creative and bring the true look and feel of your relationship into the ceremony and reception. You will save money and get to bond with friends and family while doing this arts and crafts projects.

4| Find a More Modern Registry 
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Struggling to find a registry with modern offerings that you and your fiancé actually want? Embrace the unconventional and choose a new kind of registry that allows you to register for things you’re passionate about – adventurous experiences, home décor, and world travel.  Zola Registry brings you all of these things in one place through a fully customizable, easy-to-share online page.

Dress Like Yourself
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Weddings are fairy tales, so we all think we have to dress like princes and princesses on the big day. But if fancy ball gowns, tuxes, or sparkly heals are not really your style, why force it? Avoid being uncomfortable in your own skin by wearing sneakers under that dress or with that tux. Not only will you feel like yourself while being all decked out, you will be comfortable all night long!

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  1. The mason jars hanging from the trees look so cool! It’s amazing how something so simple can completely transform the atmosphere of the environment. Thanks for the ideas.

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