Zola How To: Registry Planner 101

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We talked to our couples and quickly learned that one of the biggest things newly engaged duos struggle with is knowing how many gifts to add to their registry. If that’s something you’re asking yourself then you’re in luck because our Planner feature will tell you just that! Now available on your desktop browser and Zola Mobile App, Planner will recommend the number of gifts you need across each price range ($ to $$$) based on the number of guests attending your wedding. Here’s how it works:

1| Create A Registry
Step one is (not surprisingly) create a registry so you can start adding gifts. Think about how you two will use the different rooms in your newlywed home and create collections to group them by theme.

2| Find the Feature 
From your registry page, click on ‘Planner’ in the second dropdown menu, and it will bring you to a screen that looks like this:
wedding registry planner

3| Guestimate Guest Attendance  
wedding registry planner _2
Enter in the number of wedding guests attending your wedding, and we’ll tell you if you have enough gifts, or need to register for more. It’s that easy.

4| See What Gifts You Need
wedding registry planner _3
Scroll down a bit and you’ll see our price range recommendations. Make sure you have gifts in every range, so there’s something that each friend & family member will feel comfortable gifting (think as small as the kitchen whisk and as big as the tricked out Vitamix).

5| Build and Exchange 
wedding registry planner _4
Get inspired by our most popular gifts and continue to check your Planner as your registry grows. Remember – it’s okay to change your mind! Easily swap gifts on your registry, so each price bucket is filled to perfection.

Images | (Featured) Wedding Dive


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