Budget Friendly Honeymoon Tips

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Honeymoons can be very expensive. Whether you are paying for the trip yourself, or have created a honeymoon fund so your friends and family can pitch in, finding little ways to pinch pennies here and there can make a world of difference. This is why we’ve put together some tips to help you save money, without you having to sacrifice the big things.

Book Early
budget friendly honeymoon
After you get engaged, your focus is on finding a venue, picking a date, and asking your friends to be in your wedding party. During these initial stages, consider looking into your honeymoon and booking your travel early. The sooner you book this trip, the cheaper it will likely be. Flights will be less expensive further out from the travel date, inexpensive rooms won’t be sold out, and you might even find early booking discounts.

Traveling During the ‘Shoulder Season’ 
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It’s no secret that if you travel to a place during their off season, your trip will be cheaper. While you don’t want to visit Thailand during the wet season, or a Florida beach during the cold season, you can save a lot of money by moving your trip just a few weeks in any direction before or after the high season. Flights and hotels will be less expensive, and an added bonus is there will be less tourists and more quiet time. Avoid holiday weekends and be flexible with the time of week you decide to go!

Look for All-Inclusive Deals 
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The hotel rooms and flight costs aren’t the only things that cost money on your honeymoon. You will want couples spa days, romantic dinners, bottles of champagne, and fun adventures zip-lining across the jungle or waterskiing in the ocean. Do your research and find a great destination where all of this is included. You will not only save money, but you will know what you’re paying upfront and will not worry about additional costs while you’re enjoying that sunshine.

Choose Destinations Where Your Money Has More Value
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Cost of living applies to vacations too. Even if you find cheap flights, the cost of eating and drinking and enjoying local tours will put your overall cost higher than you bargained for. Crunch the numbers, check exchange rates, and pick a place where you get more bang for your buck. Destinations like Mexico, Nicaragua, and Bali might actually be money-savers.

Stay in the Country 
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You don’t have to travel half way across the world to find a beautiful beach and a romantic hotel. Relaxing, magical escapes are much closer than you think if you know where to look. Consider honeymooning in the Florida Keys, Puerto rico, on the California coast, or in beautiful Arizona.

Tell People it’s Your Honeymoon 
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You’d be surprised how many people want to help make your honeymoon a special trip. Tell your hotel that you are newlyweds and they might just give you free drinks, a better table at dinner, or even a room upgrade!

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