Planning Ahead with #ZolaCouple Jasmine & Bryce

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From grilling outdoors to Sunday trips to their local coffee shop, #ZolaCouple Jasmine & Bryce are getting ready to tie the knot. Their main piece of advice? “Plan a long engagement and do planning steps at periodic intervals.” Check out the rest of their wedding tips (hint: she is a bridal blogger, so she has some good ones) and registry picks below!


How did you meet? We met on in Baltimore City.

How did you get engaged? After 5 years together, Bryce simply got down on his knee in the house we bought together.

What was the first thing you did after you got engaged? We called our families, met friends for champagne and then had a five-course dinner.

Any tips for balancing wedding planning with your everyday busy life? Plan a long engagement and do planning steps at periodic intervals. We got engaged in November of 2013 and will be married in May 2015. We would complete a wedding planning task, wait two weeks, and complete a wedding planning task again. It made an enormous amount of tasks less stressful to deal with.


Who’s the cook between the two of you? I am, though Bryce is the master griller.

Favorite meal to cook for two? We like seafood a lot; salmon is a favorite.

Go-to dinner on a week night? We will throw anything on the grill (from venison to burgers) or make a quick quesadilla.

Favorite sunday breakfast? We have a weekend routine at our local coffee shop. It’s just coffee and bagels, but we like that our local barista knows our order.

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What are you most excited for about newlywed life? We’ve been together 5 years and many of our friends already call us husband and wife in a lot of ways. Now we can make that real 🙂

What are you most excited for on your registry? It’s hard to say – everything on Zola is so cute! We’re probably most excited about a group gift we created for our house renovation. We moved into our house two years ago and have been waiting to complete the outdoor areas and the basement. This will help us make our home whole.

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1. Areaware Target Magnet Key Holder
2. Nambe Yaro Salad Bowl With Servers
3. Home Renovation

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