Baking with Love: Kitchen Must-Haves from Molly Yeh

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Looking to capture whimsical perfection and a bit of fairytale living? Follow in the footsteps of Molly Yeh. Molly is a food blogger, farmer’s wife, and a Zola bride! Oh, and she was professionally trained in percussion instruments at Juilliard. When we saw her blog we were a bit tortured; our mouths watered, and we were starved for the delicious food she pictured. We knew we had to ask her to build a collection around her registry picks because, let’s be honest, we could all learn a little something about kitchen equipment and accessories from a baker extraordinaire who moved from Brooklyn, NY to North Dakota in the name of love!


When we spoke to Molly, we were inspired by her passionate spirit and imaginative mind. We asked her to put together a Tastemaker Collection with her favorite registry gifts themed around afternoon snacks with her husband. She took her favorite wedding gifts from her Zola registry and made a delicious looking peanut butter snack cake, a treat she experienced on her honeymoon in Austria. Check out the recipe here.

So put on your baking mitts, browse Molly’s Tastemaker Collection, and get ready to brew up some enchantment in your own kitchen. It turns out it’s easier than you ever thought – the most important ingredient in any recipe is love!


“This collection is reflective of how I like to show my love for my husband: through baked goods. Whether it’s a simple little cake that incorporates his favorite food in the world (peanut butter) or an entire gingerbread replica of our farm, I love nothing more than welcoming my husband in from a hard day in the fields with the smell of a freshly baked treat and seeing his face light up with excitement. Mark my word, when I’m 90, I’ll still be baking up a storm and serving him fresh cake with a hot cup of coffee, over which we’ll probably still be discussing things like Ernest Shackleton’s expedition and lesser-known grammatical devices.” -Molly

Some Favorites From Molly Yeh’s Collection:
molly yeh _2
1. Kitchenaid’s Artisan Series 5 Qt. Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

molly yeh _ 3 molly yeh _4
1. Canvas Home’s Tinware Baking Pan, Set of 2
2. Canvas Home’s Abbesses Dinner Plate, Set of 4

molly yeh _5
1. Rosanna’s Crimped Pedestal Square Cake Dessert Stand
2. Canvas Home’s Abbesses Cup, Set of 4

molly yeh _6
1. Le Creuset’s Mug
2. Canvas Home’s Tinware Salad Plate, Set of 4
3. Mepra’s Due 5-Piece Flatware Set, Set of 6

Wedding Image || Chantell Ziegler
Other Images || Molly Yeh for Zola


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