Best Late Night Wedding Snacks

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White Castle sliders

We can’t deny that food is one of our favorite things about weddings. Rehearsal dinners, hors d’oeuvres, food trucks, carving stations, cheese platters, cake, dessert bars… the list is just about as big as our appetites (can you tell we’re nearing lunch time?). Needless to say, we’re huge fans of surprising guests with late night wedding snacks.

We love that more and more brides and grooms are providing late night snacks because, let’s be real, with all of the day’s excitement and a bumping dance floor calling your name, you probably didn’t eat much of your dinner. To keep the party going late into the night, bite-sized snacks are the way to go.

Late Night Wedding Snack Pointers

While there are no hard and fast rules to follow when choosing your your late-night wedding snacks, we’ve compiled a few guidelines that may point you in the right direction.

  1. Keep your snacks simple by sticking to uncomplicated recipes. Leave the fancy trimmings for cocktail hour apps.
  2. Make sure your treats are bite-sized (or hand-held) and allow for quick clean up. This means nothing that requires cutlery, although toothpicks aren’t a bad idea.
  3. Choose something can be served on a tray so your servers are able to deliver your snacks to the dance floor (and maybe join the conga line in the process).

Sweet Snacks

For people like us, it takes more than a slice (or two) of wedding cake to satisfy our sweet tooth. Read on for your next sugar rush.

Root Beer Floats

If yours is a summer wedding, you can’t go wrong with classic root beer floats. Creamy, frothy, fizzy, and undeniably nostalgic, this drinkable dessert will definitely be a hit with your guests, old and young.

root beer floats at a wedding

Photo Credit || Jen Fariello Photography


Whether you seek out a local donut proprietor or go with the tried and true Krispy Kreme, these treats donut disappoint (see what we did there?).

bacon and maple glazed donuts on a pedestal at a dessert bar

Photo Credit || Wild Eyed Photography

Ice Cream

Has anyone ever said no to ice cream? We didn’t think so—especially when it’s served in classic cake or sugar cones and in a variety of flavors.


There are few things more refreshing than ice, cold popsicles after hours of dancing. We think your guests will agree.

Popsicles in drinks

Photo Credit || Jen Fariello Photography

Savory Snacks

“Mini” is your new mantra.


Whether you’re dancing the cha-cha or the Cupid Shuffle, cheeseburger or pulled pork sliders are the tastiest way to refuel. Wash down with a cool brew for maximum effect.

mini cheesburgers

Photo Credit || Richard Bell Photography

Kalua pork sliders

Photo Credit || Anna Kim Photography

Chicken and Waffles

Southern food just got a major makeover with these bite-sized chicken and waffles stacks. Serve with small cups of warm maple syrup for maximum 😍.

Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup Shots

An American classic-turned-late-night-delicacy, these grilled cheese wedges pair perfectly with tomato soup shots, sore feet, and another cold beer.

Mini grilled cheese wedges with tomato soup

Photo Credit || Jen Fariello Photography


Ah, the spicy Mexican cousin of America’s grilled cheese: quesadillas. Serve these bad boys with guac or salsa and we swear your guests will have a field day.


This isn’t the 2:00am Papa Johns run you made each time you procrastinated writing your term papers. A few small slices of gooey, cheesy pie go a long way.

Chicken Tenders

You might have outgrown the kids’ menu years ago, but anything goes on your wedding day. Chicken tender bites (with ketchup, ranch, or honey mustard for dipping) make for the perfect late-night snack.

Chicken tender bites

Photo Credit || Jen Fariello Photography

Salty Snacks

Gotta replenish those electrolytes somehow, right?


We love the idea of serving personalized paper bags of popcorn like this couple did. If opportunity and budget allow, give your guests the choice between regular popcorn or kettle corn.

Monogrammed paper bags of popcorn

Photo Credit || Jen Fariello Photography

French Fries

Is there any late-night craving French fries can’t fix? We don’t think so—especially when served in miniature paper cones. We’ll take two, please.

small servings of French fries

Photo Credit || Arte De Vie

Chips & Salsa

Admittedly a bit harder to eat on the go, chips and salsa are the party staple you can’t do without.

Basket of tortilla chips

Photo Credit || Alicia Lucia Photography

When it comes to serving late-night snacks, think 9:00pm or later. The open bar might have closed, but that’s no excuse to call it a night. Happy wedding (snacking)!


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