How do we register for a honeymoon or a cash fund?

We make it super easy to register for gifts, gift cards, and honeymoon or cash funds all at Zola. To add a honeymoon or cash fund to your registry, head to our cash fund page or tap the “+ Add Gifts” button under “Manage Registry.”

You can create your own cash fund or select one from our list of cash and honeymoon fund ideas. You can even customize any of our pre-made funds to make it more personal to you two, including changing the image and title.

Add as many cash funds as you want! In fact, we recommend splitting large funds up into smaller ones. Guests love contributing to specific experiences, like airfare, dinners, tickets for a museum or show, and more.

When you add a cash fund to your Zola registry, you have the option to have your guests contribute “Any Amount” or “Fixed Amounts:”

  • Any Amount: This option lets your guests contribute what they wish to your cash fund. Just make sure you set your “Total Cash Amount” high enough so multiple guests can contribute. If a guest tries to contribute more than the amount you've requested, they will be prompted to lower their amount gifted to you. You can also “hide total from your guests” if you’d like to set the amount higher than you’re hoping to receive (see below).


  • Fixed Amounts: With this option, you set a fixed amount that guests can contribute towards your cash fund. Just make sure you set the quantity and amounts high enough to receive the total amount you’re hoping to receive for this cash fund (see below).


Not sure which option to select? Here is what your guests will see for “Any Amount” (right side) versus “Fixed Amounts” (left side).


You can learn more about how all our cash gifts work here.

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