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Weddings are expensive. Couples need cash. We get that more than anyone else. So we make it easy to create cash funds for anything.

All Your Cash Gift Questions, Answered

Why does Zola have a 2.5% transaction fee for honeymoon funds?

All credit card companies charge a transaction fee to transfer money online, and ours is just 2.5%. You can have guests pay the fee—we’ve found they’re happy to do so—or absorb it on their behalf. Visit this page for more info.

How long will it take to transfer honeymoon funds to our bank?

Your first transfer usually takes up to 10 business days. All following transfers shouldn’t take more than 2-4 business days, and we’ll shoot you a confirmation email every time funds have been deposited into your bank account.

Is it really OK to register for cash? How can we make it feel more personal?

Absolutely! Your family and friends want to give you gifts you want. We recommend splitting large funds up into smaller, more personalized ones. Guests will love contributing to specific things and experiences you two care about. For more, visit this Expert Advice post

How do guests contribute to our honeymoon funds?

When you add a honeymoon fund to your Zola registry, you can choose to let guests contribute what they want or contribute fixed amounts. Then, like any other online store, they’ll go through the checkout process using their credit cards, PayPal, or Venmo to contribute to your fund.

Can we hide the total amount of a honeymoon fund from guests?

Yes! When you create a honeymoon fund and let guests contribute what they want, you can choose to hide the total amount you’re hoping to receive. If a guest tries to contribute more than this total, they’ll be prompted to contribute a lower amount.

Does Zola automatically deposit honeymoon fund contributions into our bank account?

No. We’ll notify you every time you receive a contribution towards one of your honeymoon funds. You can transfer your funds to your bank account whenever you want.

Can we register for cash gifts and classic gifts?

Definitely! Zola is the only place where you have total flexibility to register for everything you want. Add gifts, experiences, and honeymoon funds from our store, add gifts from other stores, and add a registry from another store. All your gifts will live on one convenient page for guests.

Can we use honeymoon fund contributions to purchase gifts from the Zola store?

Yes! When you receive contributions to your honeymoon funds, you’ll have the option to transfer them to your bank account or convert them to Zola store credit and receive a 5% bonus. You can then spend that credit on any of the 80,000 gifts in our store or in the Wedding Boutique.