How will we know when guests purchase gifts added from our other registry?

When you add a registry from another store to your Zola registry, we'll redirect guests to that registry to buy and ship those gifts. Before they're redirected, we ask for their email so we can follow up with them to confirm if the gift was purchased. screen_shot_2022-03-24_at_12.01.04_pm.png

After guests are directed to your other registry, we’ll follow up with them via email to confirm whether or not they purchased a gift from that store, so you don’t get the same gift twice. If a guest confirms that they purchased a gift from your other registry, we’ll send you a confirmation email and mark the gift as purchased on your registry.

We’ll also sync your other registry daily, so you and guests can see the latest pricing, availability, and more for all gifts from that registry on your Zola registry. After each completed sync, any gifts that guests buy on your other registry will be visibly marked as "Purchased" on your Zola registry. So, if guests are shopping on that website directly without going through Zola first - the items will still be marked as purchased!

While the purchase status of gifts from your other registry will not be updated in real time on your Zola registry, we’ll always direct guests to your other registry to buy gifts from that registry. That means they’ll see if anything has already been purchased there.

Please note that gifts added individually from other stores do not update automatically on your Zola registry. If you’d like to edit price and quantity for these gifts, you must do so directly on your Zola registry.

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