How do we edit gifts added from another registry?

After you add a registry from another store to your Zola registry, you can rearrange gifts from that registry however you'd like. You can also add notes for your guests and mark any gift as “Our Most Wanted.”

(Note: drag and drop is only available from a computer at the moment, so make sure to use that device instead of the Zola app to move your items around).


If you’d like to edit, delete, or adjust the number of gifts added from your other registry, you must head to that registry to do so. Make any changes to the items directly on that external registry, and we’ll update your Zola registry every 24-48 hours with any changes you make, plus the latest pricing, availability, and more for all gifts from that registry.

Please note that gifts added individually, or using the Zola Button, from other stores do not update automatically on your Zola registry. If you’d like to edit the price and quantity for these gifts, you can do so directly on your Zola registry by clicking the item and editing the info there.

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