We see an option to convert our cash to Zola store credit. What is this?

We keep track of all your gifts—both physical and cash—in your gift tracker. You'll have the option to transfer contributions to your cash funds to your bank account (once you share account and routing info with us) or convert them to Zola store credit (see below).


If you convert a cash fund gift that you receive to Zola store credit, you will receive a 5% bonus. For example, if you convert a $100 cash fund contribution to Zola store credit, you’ll receive $105 in Zola store credit that you can spend on any of the 50,000 gifts in our store.

AND you'll receive a 20% off discount promo code to be emailed post-conversion. This discount code cannot be stacked with other discounts/promos, and will expire 2 weeks after receipt. Standard terms, conditions, and exclusions apply.

Important note: the email containing the 20% off discount will be a separate email than the conversion confirmation email, and should arrive around the same time.

Note: The amount from the gift giver will never expire (the $100 mentioned above, for example), but the conversion bonus (the extra $5 mentioned above) will expire 180 days after the date you converted the cash gift to Zola store credit.

You can check the balance of your credits and their associated expiration here.

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