How do we choose who covers the 2.5% credit card processing fee for cash gifts?

We are proud to offer a low fee of 2.5%. We also let you choose who covers the credit card processing fee in your account settings!

The default option is for guests to cover the fee—we've found that it’s the most popular selection by couples.

The fee will show up as a “Handling Fee” when guests check out on Zola, and will be added to the total payment at checkout.

If you choose to absorb this fee, it will be collected whenever you transfer funds to your bank account.

Zola makes no money off your cash funds. This transaction fee is charged by credit card companies to safely collect and transfer money online. You can see how we stack up against other registries here.

And if you want to skip the fees altogether, Zola has a zero-fee option where guests contribute directly to your Venmo account.

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