White Lace Video

Full wedding (ceremony and reception) pricing

Prices start at $600

Elopement pricing

Prices start at $200


Prices start at $500

About White Lace Video

White Lace Video

Husband and Wife Videography Team

Hello! We are a Husband and Wife Videography Team. We run 3 video cameras for a full day set (including pre-wedding). Having 3 cameras allows us to set up a main camera, while using the other 2 to focus on capturing all of the moments that may not get picked up with just one cameraman/camera. We are taking a big step and branching out on our own. My husband worked for a videography company, and now we are starting our own business. We would like to offer a FREE highlight film to any couple that would be interested. This allows us to build our portfolio, and you get a free wedding video! If you would be interested, please email or text us!

We believe your ideas and story are most important, which is why we like to send a questionnaire beforehand, and met with you to discuss the plan. (Be prepared for a possible interview set up because we may add some narration into your video!) We are LGBTQ+ positive! Check out our website, give us a call, text or send an email and we'd be happy to answer any questions you have. LOVE IS LOVE. -J&C



  • Drone Coverage
  • Engagement Reel
  • Extra Hours


  • Highlight reel
  • Long feature
  • Raw footage
  • Short feature
  • Social media versions
  • Trailer
  • USB

White Lace Video packages

Highlight Film

6 hours

Peak pricing $500-600

Off-peak pricing $500-600


3-5 mins, shorter version of short film edited in a similar fashion to movie trailers. Includes some pre-ceremony prep, ceremony highlights, and wedding party poses after wedding.

Short Film

6 hours

Peak pricing $700-800

Off-peak pricing $700-800


7-10 mins, Some pre-ceremony prep, ceremony highlights, wedding party poses, and best wedding moments, plus all of the raw footage we shoot for you to have and keep!

Cinematic Production

8 hours

Peak pricing $800-1,100

Off-peak pricing $800-1,100


30 mins or more movie style, story through shots and captured audio. We will put a lot of work into the production edit to include slow motion shots, filters, and effects,. Includes 1.5 hours of pre-wedding prep, ceremony, wedding party poses, and 1.5 hours of reception footage.


8 hours

Peak pricing $1,200-1,500

Off-peak pricing $1,200-1,500


30 Min long production includes short interviews, voice over stories of pre-wedding moments, 2 hours of pre wedding prep, ceremony, wedding party poses, and up to 3 hours of wedding reception dual camera footage with the addition of a hand held go-pro loaned to the bride and groom to pass around during the party for some extra-fun footage.


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