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Margo Sees Stars


Hi! I’m Julia, middle name Margo, a film school dropout and music buff who wants to make your wedding look like art. I'm here to represent diversity in the couples I work with and weddings I shoot (love is love), to give you something hyper-shareable that will instantly transport you in space and time for the rest of your lives, and to make you cry upon watching. The crying is very important. Bear with me on this analogy, but basically I like my wedding films like I like my salads: raw, organic, a little bit of quirk and flare, and consumed alongside great music. If this sound pretty good to you, have a look at my work and get in touch!

I’ve been shooting and editing video since eighth grade, when I discovered the magical films of of Wes Anderson. From there my passions have collided into a niche-obsession with short-form, music-driven, artistic and exciting videos. I love capturing candid moments, human emotion, anything colorful or on the run, and geeking out over song choices. I love being a fly on the wall on the happiest day of someone's life, I love crazy families, and most of all I love seeing stars in people's eyes. Special skills include flying under the radar, flying by the seat of my pants when necessary, and never missing a moment when sparks are flying.

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  • Amazing!

    Verified review
    Emilya month ago

    We were on the fence about getting a videographer, partially because it seemed unnecessary and partially because we were worried that we would feel uncomfortable having a camera follow us around. But we met with Julia (Margo Sees Stars), and ultimately decided it was worth the risk. We could not be happier! Although Julia herself was booked for our wedding day, her colleague Mel was fantastic--she was friendly, unobtrusive, worked great with our photographer, and really put us with ease. And Julia's editing ability is off the charts. We opted for the package with a short teaser as well as a longer video, and both brought us to tears. We are so happy that we went with Margo Sees Stars for our special day. You will not be disappointd if you do the same!

  • A Family Affair

    Verified review
    Casandra Johnson4 months ago

    Margo Sees Stars created the most beautiful wedding video for my sister’s 2018 wedding so when it came time to choose my video team, working with Julia and her team was a no-brainer! As expected, our second experience with Julia and team was as comfortable and seamless as the first! If I had another sibling, Margo Sees Stars would be the videographer of choice!

  • Julia is OUTSTANDING!

    Verified review
    Brielle4 months ago

    Julia was wonderful to work with and her work is absolutely incredible! I would definitely recommend!!!! I am counting down the days until my video gets to me!

  • By far the best vendor choice I made!

    Verified review
    Claire + Josha year ago

    If you want your wedding day to be captured like an art piece, like an actual movie or magical music video, hire Julia. I cannot recommend Margo Sees Stars enough! I knew I wanted a video of our big day because A) my memory (for the little details) sucks and B) I knew seeing the movement and all the sweet in-between moments in live footage would be so much more meaningful to me than just still photography. But I also am not drawn to super traditional sappy wedding video treatments. Julia took it to another level. I don't remember how I found her but she was the first vendor I booked and it was an A move and worth absolutely every penny. I fell in love with her Wes Anderson style, her eye for minimalism and fun candid moments, her editing and music choices. I felt such joy watching her videos of other peoples weddings, I couldn't imagine how good I would feel watching my own in her beautifully unique film style. Cut to my wedding day, not that this is totally mandatory but she was a complete fly on the wall. Obviously I was a bit preoccupied but I barely remember seeing her there, to the point that later on I was worried she may not have captured enough of the day because WHERE WAS SHE?! But she caught EVERY moment. Moments I was too anxious to pay attention to, or wasn't present for, or was having too much fun to remember. But I'm SO happy to be able to see them in the final video. It was 100x more than I dreamed of. Myself, my husband, our families, we all wept watching it. The music was so perfectly edited to the shots. Honestly I was anxious to pick a song without seeing the footage so I just gave her a few songs and bands I liked and the general vibe I wanted, and she completely NAILED it. She was also hugely accommodating to my editing process (I'm also a creative so I was a bit nit picky), and super communicative along the way when needed. But there was barely any need for it. You just let her do her thing and she makes absolute artistic magic. Not to mention she sends you the raw footage in an adorable package filled with Hershey's kisses and a camera-shaped USB key. I loved my wedding day but the moments are so fleeting, it goes by so quickly and then its gone forever, and it's lovely to have photographs of the day, but I'm telling you, having such a uniquely beautiful video art piece to watch when you want to smile really hits different. GO HIRE MARGO SEES STARS!