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Prices start at $2,800

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I’m a Sagittarius, I live for brunch, and I can’t get enough of ghost stories. Most importantly though, I’m a wedding photographer, through and through. I grew up in Indiana, where I spent most of my time at my family’s Vietnamese restaurant. I loved being surrounded by delicious slurpy noodles and Café Sua Da, Vietnam’s traditional slow dripped coffee, but I was always off in search of something more, of stories to collect and stories to tell.

My constant desire to explore led me to big, vibrant cities like New York and Chicago, where there’s no chance to deny the never-ending movement and diversity of life. And photography, well, it’s a combination of my biggest loves – storytelling, diversity, movement. More importantly, it’s a chance to go an adventure with you, to tell your story and document all the greatest parts of life.



  • Bride-only session
  • Engagement session
  • Extra hours
  • Image editing
  • Printing rights
  • Second photographer

Photo formats

  • Digital


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