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Lauren Janoski


Hello Lovely! So happy you're here! My story of becoming a photographer is unconventional like all the best stories are. I was always the quiet artsy-fartsy kid, more artsy than fartsy, I promise. As a child who dealt heavily with an anxiety disorder and depression my only solace was taking my bright pink barbie film camera out to the back porch to take photos of the sky. My parents weren’t the happiest about the frequent weekly trips to the film lab but oh the wonder my little fingertips felt every time I opened up a new envelope to reveal the magic I had created inside. That feeling of magic has never stopped.

As a photographer it is not just my job to make tangible memories for you to cherish, it’s to help you feel comfortable and accepted during our time together. Myself or my camera will never discriminate. People and love come in all shapes and forms each one of them just as beautiful and worthy. You don’t have to convince me of anything, I’m already obsessed with you.



  • Bride-only session
  • Engagement session
  • Extra hours
  • Image editing
  • Printing rights
  • Second photographer


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