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If you don't know me, HELLO I am corey—(best friends call me cor) I am a mn born and raised—I am so thankful for the ability to do this as my job and preserve sweet memories that turn into history. it is such a joy! things about me - Jesus is everything, HE is so beyond faithful and near - I lived in hawaii for a good while + was in peru for three months - I. love. coffee. (I get headaches if skip a day… so I think that qualifies as addicted? - yes, I have long hair. I needed change and I've kept it for the past 3 years… (still don’t know how to do a bun)

I am a fat fan of warm c r e a m y tones + I will forever stand by the statement that good and gather is simply far better than “LaCrOiX” - I am a rare nikon photog and I guess you could say that it’s my ~niche~ in this vast industry haha. I cannot wait to celebrate YOU into whichever season of life you are headed into—we will have the most fun time! beyond excited—beyond grateful ↣ cor



  • Engagement session
  • Extra hours
  • Second photographer


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