Wholesale Wedding Florists in Crab Orchard, NE

Wholesale Wedding Florists in Crab Orchard, NE

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5 Wedding Florists in Crab Orchard, NE

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Flower Moxie – Do-It-Yourself Wedding Flowers 


Oklahoma City, OK
  • Serves Crab Orchard, NE

In 2013, 8-year wedding veteran Amy McCord Jones realizes she wouldn't be able to afford to hire her own floral services if she was a bride. Then, Amy discovers that there is basically zero help available for DIY brides. No flower recipes. No instructions. No access to florist-grade blooms. Rude. So she launches Flower Moxie! Flower Moxie remains a humble, tucked-away small business out of Oklahoma City. We don’t zoom around on scooters in some fancy high-rise. We stock an average kitchen with canned wine and Aldi chips and listen to true crime podcasts while photographing curvy ranunculus. Join us. There’s cake, hugs, and acceptance here.

Awarded Best of Zola
I ordered the "peaches and cream" small package. We decided to skip on ceremony florals, and only have handhelds and bud vases at the reception. We did buy a few more flowers from the grocery to add more peach once the flowers arrived. We made and medium sized bridal bouquet, 4 bridesmaids bouquets, 3 corsages, and 7 bouts. (With lots of flowers left over). My bridesmaids and I did the arranging the morning before the wedding; it was fun, and a great start to the weekend. None of us had experience, but it all turned out great! If you or your bridal party are mildly crafty, I'd highly recommend it!
Hallie H., 2 months ago
The Faux Bouquets 


Redlands, CA
  • Starts at $175
  • Serves Crab Orchard, NE

Believe it or not, we often have people ask if our pictures throughout our website are showing a mix of fresh and faux and…no they aren’t! Although fresh florals are pretty, we are totally in love with poser-blooms all the way here and that’s what we design 100% of our orders with.

Awarded Best of Zola
I’m so glad we went with the Faux Bouquets for our wedding florals. Everything was beautiful and nobody believed me when I said they weren’t live flowers. If you are worried about how they will look, DONT be!!! There is a great variety of flowers on their website and I am so happy with how everything turned out. If you are renting flowers, the return process is SO easy!
Camryn K., 2 months ago
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Bloom Culture: Do-it-yourself Wedding Flowers 


Oklahoma City, OK
  • Serves Crab Orchard, NE

A common misconception about Bloom Culture is that we are telling people they SHOULD DIY their wedding flowers… when in reality we are telling people they CAN DIY their wedding flowers… if they want to. With Bloom Culture you can create you own wedding flowers with Confidence. We help you get creative, stay in-control of your wedding budget, and enjoy the most beautiful wedding flowers. We have pre-made DIY Flower Collections or you can get a custom design with our FREE online quote or chat with us one on one for more guidance!

Awarded Best of Zola
As my fiancé and I started the wedding planning process, we joked that our loose theme would be “flowers and love.” We knew we wanted lots of beautiful, lush florals as the primary decor focus, and also knew we didn’t want to spend the many thousands of dollars to achieve that look with a standard florist. If you’re in the same boat, and have an appetite for some DIYing, I’d STRONGLY recommend working with Bloom Culture. After some Googling for DIY wedding florals, I came across Bloom Culture and spoke with Allison for a custom consultation. During the call, Allison helped me express the type of floral look we were going for, and built out a custom floral package that would achieve it. She also laid out the delivery and prep process, and we landed on a final package and timeline for delivery. We received a LARGE box of flowers the week before the wedding and were immediately pleased with the quantity and quality of flowers we had received. Allison’s guide mentioned that some crushed or damaged blooms would be completely normal, but everything was so well packaged we didn’t notice more than a few damaged stems. From there, the DIYing began. Between unpacking, trimming, de-thorning, trimming again, building bouquets, arrangements, boutonnieres, etc, etc, it was a LOT of work. However, we referenced Allison’s guides (written, video tutorials) religiously and they laid out everything perfectly. She strongly recommends having plenty of assistants -- pay attention to this advice! Find a few trusted friends or family members who have time and artistic ability and it will make all the difference in your stress levels. The flowers all lasted beautifully for the wedding and we received so many compliments on how they looked. Allison - thank you for everything!
Polly, a year ago
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Rosemary's Garden Florals 


Winter Haven, FL
  • Starts at $2,000
  • Serves Crab Orchard, NE for additional fees

My name is Rosemary Sammons and I would like to thank you for considering Rosemary's Garden Florals as your wedding florist. All my floral creations are composed of everlasting blooms that can resemble any flower in nature, but are made to last a lifetime. When you choose Rosemary's Garden Florals for your wedding, you can rest assured that each arrangement will be created with fine attention to detail. I am proud to offer my floral services for hand delivery in the state of Florida and secure shipping throughout the United States.

Awarded Best of Zola
I am the general manager of a wedding venue in central Florida and, as you can imagine, deal with countless vendors. I can, without reserve, highly recommend Rosemary’s Garden. Rosemary was a delight to work with, extremely professional and produced beautiful products. She is highly skilled. Communication was timely and follow through dependable. I highly recommend Rosemary’s Garden.
Eve Bass, 3 years ago

Location flexible? Discover florists near Crab Orchard, NE

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Rosemary's Garden Florals

4.7 (6)

Winter Haven, FL
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Vita Fiori

5.0 (6)

Sacramento, CA
GemHidden gem
Of the Earth Florals

5.0 (2)

Lincoln, NE
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Bent Creek Bouquets

5.0 (2)

Palatine, IL

About wedding florists in Crab Orchard, NE

What's the average price range for florists in Crab Orchard, NE?

There are a number of different factors that influence the total cost of a wedding floral package, including the type of flowers you're using, the size of your bridal party, and amount of floral decorative elements at your wedding (don't forget gorgeous extras like ceremony arches). In Crab Orchard, NE, bouquets range from $100 to $400. Centerpieces typically range from $250 to $400. The minimum price for florists often takes into account the amount of effort and time required to pull together the creations.

Which are the most popular florists in Crab Orchard, NE?

Some of the most popular florists in this area include Flower Moxie – Do-It-Yourself Wedding Flowers, The Faux Bouquets and Something Borrowed Blooms.

What questions should I ask when booking a wedding florist?

Florists offer a range of different services that you'll want to ask about before you book. For example:

  • Do they offer rentals of structures and additional decor?
  • Can they create mockups or sample arrangements?
  • Will they assist with flower preservation if that's something you're interested in?
  • Is breakdown/cleanup included in the package?
  • What types of florists are in Crab Orchard, NE?

    What other Crab Orchard vendors will I need?

    What other florists are nearby?

    What other wedding services are nearby?