Will my other registry update automatically after we add it to Zola? How often does it update?

After you add a registry from another store to your Zola registry, it will sync on our end once ever 24-48 hours. That way, you and guests can see the latest pricing, availability, and more for all gifts from that registry on your Zola registry!

This means if you add more gifts to your other registry after you add the whole thing to Zola, they'll appear on your Zola registry after the next sync is completed. If you edit, delete, or adjust the quantity of gifts on your other registry, those changes will appear on your Zola registry after each completed sync, too.

Keep in mind, this means that any changes you make to that other registry may not show up immediately! They will show up after the next sync.

If you notice that items aren't updating as they should be, or are having other issues with your linked registry, please let our team know!

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