How do I delete guests in bulk?

We understand that making a guest list can be quite the task- and sometimes you need to start from scratch! We do try to make it easier with our Spreadsheet Template, but if you just discovered this feature and want to delete all the current entries in bulk, we make it easy to do just that.

Head on over to your Manage Guest List page: screen_shot_2022-03-24_at_3.22.49_pm.png

Once you select that, you will see a checkbox in the upper right corner of the guest list, which allows you to highlight all the names in the list:


Click that box, and a “Bulk Actions” prompt will appear. Once you click on that, a dropdown menu will show you actions you can take on this list. You will want to click on “delete”.



Once you hit “delete”, you will clear the list.

*Note* You can also use this action if you want to delete multiple names at once - but not delete everything; just check the box next to the names you would like deleted instead of the "Select All" option.

And from there, feel free to upload a spreadsheet, or type in the names one at a time.

In the app:

Right now we don't have an option to delete multiple names at one time in the app. To delete a guest from your guest list just tap into the Guests + RSVP icon on your home screen > tap into the guest you want to remove > scroll down until you see the "Delete" option and choose that option. That will remove the contact from your guest list.


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