What if I don't see the correct "Title" option for my guest?

When you are adding guests, you can choose to add a "Title." If you plan on addressing your invitations formally, we recommend going to the "Address Envelopes" section and adding them there AFTER creating your guest list. When you do choose a title from there, we will automatically format your guest names as they should appear on your envelopes. Check it out in "Address Envelopes" from Guest List.


The title options we offer are Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss, Mx., Dr., or Judge. You can leave this blank if you do not want formal invitations.

If you do not see the title you want, such as Military titles (General, Lieutenant, Sergeant) or religious titles (Reverend, Rabbi, Imam), you can customize your entry. This is how you can customize:

  • Click into your guest list.
  • Go to the "Address Envelopes" tab.
  • Click the little pencil icon below "Name As Appears On The Outer Envelope."


  • Type in whatever title you'd like to call the person and click "Save." That will be saved for your Envelope Addressing - in this case, we added "Father" as the Guest's title.


Working from the app?

To add one of the existing titles, tap into the Guests + RSVP icon on the home screen > tap into the guest name you want to edit, tap into the "Guest Name(s)" tab and choose from one of the titles offered there!


To add a custom title, tap into the "Name as it appears on envelope" tab in the guest list entry, and add your title there!


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