What does "Relationship to You" mean in Guest List?

Within your guest list manager, we give you the option to 'categorize' your guests into the following groups:

  • Your Family
  • Your Friend
  • Your Family Friend
  • Your Partner's Family
  • Your Partner's Friend
  • Your Partner's Family Friend
  • Both
  • Unknown (this is the default option if nothing is selected)


Once you've added a this label to a guest entry, you can then filter by "Relationship to You" when playing around with head counts, andmake sure that every group is represented as you and your partner see fit!

Of course, this list is not exhaustive - we know that are many other relationships that exist, and our team hopes to expand the offerings in this category in the future.

Working from the app?

To edit the "Relationship to you" label for a guest: tap into the Guests + RSVP icon on the home screen of the app > tap into the guest name you want to edit > scroll down and you'll find the options to add the relationships at the bottom of their entry.


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