How do I add a family to my guest list?

You can add a single person, a single person with a plus one, a couple, or a family to your guest list.

When you choose "+ Add Guests" in the right-hand corner of your Guest List, you can choose the guest type you are adding. From there, you can add more children, add a plus one, or remove any guests in the group by clicking on the "X."screen_shot_2021-01-07_at_12.30.13_pm.png

Traditional invitation etiquette suggests that each guest over the age of 18 should receive their own invitation, though it's becoming increasingly common for families to live together into adulthood. Atthe moment, each family entry can only have two adults listed - you can definitely still include other members of that family (even if they are adults), they should just be included as "children." Don't worry, your guests listed as "children" will not be notified that they are listed as such!

App Directions

If you're working in the app, just tap into the guest name you want to edit and you can add a plus one/partner, as well as additional children.


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