What is the Guest List tool?

We created our Guest List manager to help you through your entire wedding planning process. It's organized into four helpful (and chronologically-ordered) sections: "Your Guest List," "Your Super Link," and "Your Events"

First, get started building your guest list under Your Guest List. This is where you can add guests in three different ways: adding manually, importing a spreadsheet, or sending your Super Link. You can manage who is "Definitely Invited" and who is on the "Maybe" list. We recommend downloading the free Zola app so you can build your list from your phone contacts and make sure no guest goes unaccounted for!



Your Super Link also has its own tab in your Guest List. This link allows guests to add their own contact information to your guest list. On this tab you can customize how it will appear to guests when they open the link, by adding a photo, a message, whether you want to show your wedding date there or not.



Once you have a list ready, you can create your events for your guests to RSVP to under Your Events! To add an event, click "+Add Event", and then start by filling in all necessary details, such as your event type, event name, event date, and start time. From here, you can also include questions that you're requiring your guests to answer to complete their RSVP - popular questions include meal preference, song requests, and advice for the newlyweds. Once you're happy with your event and all of your details are correct, click "Save" to save your event.



You can also invite guests to specific events using the Invite Guests to Events tab. From here, you can check the boxes next to each guest to indicate which events they are invited to. Guests can only RSVP to events that they've been invited to - in the example below, John and Jane Doe are only invited to the Reception event, so they won't be able to RSVP to the After Party or Welcome Drinks.



When you're ready to start sending out Save the Dates and Invitations, you can manage your guest addresses (and how they appear on your envelopes) from the Address Envelopes page. On this page we'll show you a preview of how your guest's address will appear on your envelopes. You can also use this page to keep track of which guests have received your Save the Dates or Invitations! If you are having a calligrapher or paper supplier print your envelopes, you can click the "Export Addresses" button to download all of your addresses as a spreadsheet.



Under Track RSVPs, you can take note of everyone's RSVPs manually, or if you've enabled online RSVPs on your Zola wedding website, we'll automatically record RSVPs for you here. If you're also asking for meal preferences in RSVPs, you can see the rundown of who is eating what, as well as track all other questions to guests (song requests, pieces of marital advice, etc.) here.



Questions in this section

Questions in this section