What if I don't have a guest's mailing address—how do I request their information?

We'll help you collect all the information you need. Make sure you are on your Guest List.

If your guest's address is missing, you will see "Request Missing Info" written where there address should be (under Mailing Address column).


Click on "Request Missing Info" to open a modal that will explain how Zola helps you to gather all your guests' information:


This is your Super Link! You can just copy and paste that link into any email, text, DM, etc. and send to your guest. They'll be able to fill in the link with all of their contact information. You can also go to the Super Link tab in your guest list to customize that form with a photo and note: screen_shot_2022-03-24_at_3.07.41_pm.png

In the App:

To request missing info from the app just tap into the Guests + RSVP icon on the home screen of the app > you can tap directly into the Super Link tab:


Or you can tap into a guest and select the "Request Info" button there. It will give you the option to send the request via email or text, and link to existing messaging apps in your device.


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