I added a gift from a registry to my cart, but I don’t see an option to ship it to myself. Why?

For most items on Zola, you can select whether you want the item to ship directly to the couple, or you can choose to ship it to another address (like your own).

However, if a couple has added an item from another store, you may not see an option to change the shipping address. As a result, unfortunately, you won't be able to ship this item to yourself.

We give our couples the flexibility to add items from anywhere, and sometimes, couples will add items from other stores. To keep it simple for their guests, they will simply request the cash equivalent for the item. This allows them to have the flexibility of shipping at their convenience, as they will be able to complete the purchase later.

In that case, there will not be an option to ship the item to another address. If you want a gift that you can present in person, we totally understand - in that case, we recommend picking another item from the registry! Any gift that is able to be shipped will show an estimated arrival time in your cart:


This message indicates that this item is added from another store, and the couple is requesting the cash equivalent instead of having a physical item shipped.


This item is shipped and sold through Zola, and can be shipped to either the couple or to your own address within the estimated arrival listed - you'll be able to choose the shipping address at checkout.

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