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Full wedding (ceremony and reception) pricing

Prices start at $3,000

Elopement pricing

Prices start at $2,000


Prices start at $2,500

About Glass Lilac Films

Gabe Castle

CEO + Co-Founder

I have spent years in hospitality, fine dining, IT support, you name it. And the most important through-line in my work has been relationships. Relationships you make with people are sometimes more important than the job you do, not to dismiss the job as something to be sloppy with, but to say there is only so far that accomplishing the job can make a person feel seen and heard and special. And I feel there is no more important nod to that philosophy than weddings, where sure you can just make a wedding film and it will look good, but to truly get this once in a lifetime event and art project something TRULY special!

Our work concerns itself not in the product creation of making an industry standard film or gallery, but in the art-making process of your story, your soul, as only you can have it told through the incredible talent of bold artists. we get to know you, through coffee, through dinner, through conversation, through jokes, through an actual bond, and we use that to create your story.

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  • 16mm Films
  • Drone Coverage
  • Engagement Reel
  • Extra Hours
  • Same-day Editing

Glass Lilac Films packages

The Art Film

8 hours

Peak pricing $3,000-3,500

Off-peak pricing $2,500-3,500


This package is for a highlight film of your big day, typically 8-12 minutes. An artful and unique film that skillfully mixes audio and visuals from throughout the day. ​

What’s included
  • 8-12 Minute Highlight Film
  • Drone Footage
  • Second Shooter Available for +$400
  • Access to all Raw Footage via hard drive
  • Professional Audio Recording

The Mockumentary

10 hours

Peak pricing $4,000-4,500

Off-peak pricing $3,500-4,000


Commonly referred to as "The Office" style, mockumentary is a film genre that spoofs traditional documentary with being more focused on comedy a more whimsical flow. This package gives you a two shooter team that follows all the action like a film crew throughout the entire day, including setting up an interview room for the reception for talking heads.

What’s included
  • All Day Coverage
  • Two Shooters
  • An Episode Length (20-45 min) Film
  • Drone Footage
  • Access to Drone Footage via Hard Drive
  • Additional Shooters Available for $400 each

The Prestige Documentary

10 hours

Peak pricing $5,000-5,500

Off-peak pricing $4,500-5,000


Your wedding day isn't just the day of, but the planning, the story, the chemistry, all the members and the web they weave to create everything that is special about your day. With our documentary film background, we work with you to tell the entire story of your wedding with month-of interviews with friends and family, a two shooter team the day of, events you want captured leading up. We also will utilize home video and existing footage of the couple that they feel would be important.

What’s included
  • Full Day Coverage
  • Two Shooters
  • 15-20 hr access month of wedding
  • Feature Lenght Documentary (45-60 min)
  • Drone Footage
  • Raw Footage Access Via Hard Drive


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2 reviews

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  • 100% Recommend Gabe and His Incredible Team

    Verified review
    Althea + D.2 years ago

    Gabe hands down was so easy to work with. After trying to stick with budget, but last minute also wanting to add a videographer I was stuck in a hard place. I went searching for someone who could do that and found Glass Lilac Films. He met up with me and my husband for coffee and talked to us about what we were wanting from it all and he did not disappoint. His attention to detail was great and the final cut was so unique and very us. I've watched the video too many times and always fall in love with it. I can't wait to watch this 10 or 20 years from now with my husband. Having a videographer is something I 100% recommend and using him and his new team is something I 101% recommend.

  • Glass Lilac Team Delivers Beautiful Keepsake

    Verified review
    Lloren A.2 years ago

    Now I worked with one of the artists of this team before he worked for Glass Lilac but Nik did an INCREDIBLE job on our wedding video. My husband and I went back and forth on whether or not we wanted to have a videographer because we weren't sure we could afford it. When I saw his work I fell in love. Then, when I saw how affordable his prices were, I knew it was meant to be. He paid close attention to details, listened to our requests, and delivered a video 10x more amazing than I could have ever imagined. I cried the first time watching it (as did several family members) and still cry watching it for the billionth time. I am so thankful to have a video we can look back on for ever and ever. Thank you for the INCREDIBLE wedding video!!