Wedding Beauty Professionals in Carlsbad, NM

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Beauty professionals in Carlsbad, NM

5 Wedding Beauty Professionals in Carlsbad, NM

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Cristal Wilson MUA


St. Louis, MO
  • Team of 7
  • Starts at $750
  • Serves Carlsbad, NM for additional fees

Cristal Wilson is an Awarded Destination Bridal Makeup Artist based in St. Louis, MO. Working in the wedding industry for more than 10 years as a bridal makeup artist she specializes in destination & soft glam wedding makeup thus being the preferred artist by couples in her area and being awarded the Couple's Choice Award on 2017 - 2019. Cristal is accepting bookings for 2024 and 2025. For 2024/2025 wedding date availability, send us a message.

Cristal did an amazing job on my makeup and hair for my wedding day. She was a professional and worked very well within our time frame. I also especially liked her attention to detail in making sure that it turned out just perfectly and would last all day for the many events that would happen for the day. She also was very thorough in talking to me about what I envisioned for my wedding makeup and hairstyle. We even did a practice session so that I would be able to make sure that what she envisioned I was happy with as well! I really appreciated her work and I have so many pictures I look back on and smile because she did an awesome job making me look and feel beautiful for my wedding day!
Brittany W., 4 months ago
Henna by Heather


Boston, MA
  • Team of 6
  • Serves Carlsbad, NM for additional fees

I love creating beautiful, custom wedding henna! From intricate, elaborate bridal mehndi designs to speedy, satisfying designs for guests, I love it all. I have studied Indian, North African, and Middle Eastern henna design in depth, and am happy to create designs in a broad range of strictly traditional styles, or to combine traditional patterns with more individualized, unique elements for a customized henna experience.

Awarded Best of Zola
Heather is truly a professional, in every way. I enjoyed working with her because once I engaged her services I didn't have to give it another thought - she took care of everything and was so calm, organized, and thoughtful! The designs were absolutely exquisite and so beautifully done. She's an artist, and her work really makes a big impression. I highly recommend her!
Lynn, 3 years ago
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Bijoux Belles Studio
El Paso, TX
  • Starts at $125
  • Serves Carlsbad, NM for additional fees

I am Liza Janel Caballero. With over 10 years of professional experience in the beauty industry, we deliver quality and reliable services for your special day! I along with my team of experts specialize in glamming you and your bridal party for your big day! ​

Santiago Romero Hair
Las Vegas, NV
  • Starts at $500
  • Serves Carlsbad, NM for additional fees

Welcome! My name is Santiago I'm a makeup artist based in Las Vegas, NV. I’m soo happy my brides trust me with a vision. I always thought I was going to be living off of a suitcase barely making ends meet. But drive and determination set me free. (I have my mom to thank for this, she was the hardest worker I knew growing up! She didn’t have a college degree and moved up the ladder from the very bottom) In just under a month 2018 will be right in our footsteps!

Lunes Artistry
Phoenix, AZ
  • Starts at $88
  • Serves Carlsbad, NM for additional fees

Greetings we are a professional glam team that does hair, make up and lashes extensions. We have a license cosmetologist & lash technician on our team and professionally certified international mua. Lunes Artistry has spent 8+ years honing our skills, working for notable photographers & models. We are located in the west of Phoenix area of Arizona and we also travel ! We Can do anything and everything when it comes to hair and makeup for your special day or for your loved ones. This full-service hair and makeup company offers consultations, which create opportunities for our clients to discuss their ideas and vision for their big day.

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About wedding beauty professionals in Carlsbad, NM

What are the average costs for wedding hair and makeup in Carlsbad, NM?

Costs typically vary depending on what you're looking for, but on average, bridal hair costs $500 and bridal makeup costs $750 in Carlsbad, NM.

Are touch-up services generally included in bridal beauty packages?

Yes! 80% of hair and makeup artists in Carlsbad, NM are available for touch ups, sometimes for an additional fee.

Which are the most popular makeup artists who do airbrushing in Carlsbad, NM?

The top artist who provide airbrushing services is Cristal Wilson MUA.

Can most hair stylists in Carlsbad, NM work with extensions?

Many can! 80% of hair stylists offer extensions.

Is a makeup trial customary before weddings in Carlsbad, NM?

Many brides opt for hair and makeup trials in advance - 80% of beauty professionals in Carlsbad, NM offer hair trials and 60% offer makeup trials.

Do brides typically cover the cost of the bridal party's hair and makeup in Carlsbad, NM?

There's no one-size-fits-all approach when determining who should pay for bridesmaid hair and makeup. The biggest factor to take into consideration is everyone’s financial situation - both the bride and the bridesmaids. There are also different payment scenarios - some that have the bride covering the costs, some that have the bridesmaids covering the costs, and some that have them splitting the costs.

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