How do I apply a QR code?

Adding a QR code to your Zola paper draft is easy with a few simple steps!

From a computer or internet browser: Open your paper draft and look for the Add a QR Code button

  • On invites & save the dates, it's on the back
  • On RSVPs & enclosure cards, it's on the front
  • Once activated, adjust the settings in the left-hand menu
  • Select a color to match your design with the color picker
  • Choose which web page you'd like to land your guests on
  • Click Generate Code

At the moment, our Zola QR codes come in standard non-editable sizes to ensure that your guests can scan the code successfully.

From the Zola iOS app, you'll take the same steps after clicking the +Add button at the bottom of the screen and then selecting Add QR Code.

Zola QR codes cannot be added directly to the wedding website or be downloaded to use on non-Zola paper at this time. If you'd prefer to customize your own QR code, you can use a free QR code generator like

If the QR code isn't working, please be sure that the wedding website has been published and that it is directing guests to the correct URL address.

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