I tried to check out but was redirected to another website. Why did this happen?

Couples have the option to add gifts from other online stores to their Zola registry.

To purchase an item the couple added from another store, click “Buy This Gift” under the item on their Zola registry. Before you are redirected to the other registry, we'll ask you to share your email address so we can follow up later to confirm whether or not you’ve purchased the gift (we want to help the couple avoid receiving duplicates). We’ll also share the couple’s shipping address with you, so you can enter it while checking out at the other store if you'd prefer to have your gift shipped directly to them.

Once you've completed that step we’ll put the item “On Hold” on the couple’s registry to allow you time to purchase it from the other store. Within 24 hours of marking the item "On Hold" we’ll follow up with you either by email to confirm whether or not you purchased the item from the other store.

If you purchased it, we’ll mark the gift as “Purchased” on their Zola registry. If you didn’t (and that’s OK!), we’ll remove the “On Hold” badge and make it available for other guests to purchase it. Not worry though, if you don’t confirm whether or not you purchased the gift, we'll automatically release the hold after 48 hours.

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