How does Zola Registry work?

Zola Registry is super easy to use from start to finish, and we'll be here to help you and all your guests throughout. Here's a detailed rundown on the full process.

Once you sign up, we'll help you fill your registry with gifts. There are a few different types of gifts you can add: physical gifts and digital gift cards from our Zola store, cash gifts (aka: honeymoon funds), and gifts from other online stores. We're the only place where you can register for all of these in one spot—super convenient for both you and your guests.

Our store has 100,000+ products from over 1000 top brands—it’s like your favorite department store, with even more to offer. Our brands range from classics like Kitchenaid and Waterford to up-and-comers like Parachute Home and Sonos. Our products include home essentials (think dishes, flatware, kitchen appliances, bedding and bath, furniture, decor, electronics), experiences (food and wine subscriptions, city-specific adventures), and unique gifts (camping gear, luggage, pet accessories, and more), all at a range of prices. We also carry gift cards that can cover anything from hotel and airfare to home renovations.

Couples can also create cash funds at Zola for their honeymoon, a puppy, a home renovation, charity, or something else entirely. Guests contribute to these funds using their credit cards. We make no money on your cash funds. There is a low 2.5% fee to cover credit card processing. You can choose to let guests pay this fee at checkout or absorb it on their behalf when you transfer funds to your bank.

You can also add gifts to your Zola registry from other online stores. For these gifts, you'll have the option to direct guests to the other store's website to purchase the gift, or you can receive the cash equivalent (so you can purchase the gift yourself). For more on how that process works, visit this page.

When you're ready to share your registry with guests, you will need to make your registry visible. Guests will not be able to shop your registry until you've made your registry visible. We also have a selection of privacy settings you can enable under your account settings if you wish.

Then, you can share your registry with guests by adding it to your wedding website, printing your unique URL on your save the dates and invitations, or by telling your wedding party. If you create a free Zola wedding website, your registry will automatically appear on your website.

Guests will visit your Zola registry and shop it like they do any online store. Guests will check out on for the gifts, gift cards, and cash funds you've added to your registry. However, if you've added a gift from another store and selected the option to direct guests to purchase it from the other store's website, the guest will check out on the other store's website.

If guests ever have an issue (or want to price-match a gift), our customer service team is more than happy to help!

Every time guests buy you a gift, we'll notify you via email and the app, plus we’ll list it on your gift tracker. We'll also mark what guests buy you as "Purchased" and move these gifts to the bottom of your registry. For physical gifts you receive, you'll have the option to ship it right away, exchange it before it ships, or wait to ship it until you're ready. Your physical gifts ship from Zola and we will never ship you a gift without your consent. That way, gifts won't randomly appear at your doorstep (and potentially get stolen). Learn more about how Zola shipping works right here.

When you're ready to use a gift card, we'll email you redemption codes that you can use on the brand's website whenever. For contributions to your cash funds, you can transfer money to your bank account anytime. Gifts that were added from other stores and purchased by guests on the other store's website will ship from the other store.

Want to return a gift? No problem. Just head to your gift tracker. We'll provide a shipping label that you can paste to the box, then you can drop it off at UPS (or schedule a pickup). If you’d like to return a gift you received from another store, you will have to follow that store’s return policy.

Your 20% post-wedding discount will be activated the day after you get married. For six months after your wedding day, you can purchase the remaining gifts on your registry at 20% off. It's the best discount out there and can be used as many times as you want throughout those six months.

If you’re ready to start your registry, click here.

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