How do I get rid of the prewritten sentences on some of my website's pages?

Do you see a sentence on your website page that says one of the following:

  • "We're still planning the weekend's events and will update this page soon."
  • "We're working on gathering some recommendations for our out-of-towner guests. Stay tuned!"
  • "We'll post our registry here when we're finished building it. Thank you in advance!"
  • "Wedding party coming soon!"
  • "Visuals to come..."
  • "We're making a list of our favorite activities and sights in the area. Check back soon."
  • "Hard at work on these... Talk soon."

On any page where you haven't added content to the body of the page, you'll see a filler sentence that says something like what is listed above.


To remove this, all you have to do is add something to the page! Simply click on the "+" button in blue you see on all of the website pages, like the Add Travel & Places to Stay button shown below.


If you think that you already have added something to your page, you probably added it in the Description section (shown above), rather than adding as content to the actual page. Easy fix! Just re-add your content by using the + Add button.

Or just set the page to Inactive if you are not done with it yet. Easy!


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