What if the map on my "Things To Do" page is wrong? Can I hide it?

We work with Google Places to try to match your entered location with a place on the map. But sometimes it doesn't always link to the right spot!

But don't worry! If you have a pin in the wrong location, just preview your website and click on the pin. That way, you can find out exactly what location is causing this issue.

Delete that entry, and try again, but pay close attention to the address that shows up when you type in the location. There will be a "Powered by Google" dropdown, and when you click on the address, it will put a pin in the correct location. You can delete the location entirely, or change it to the correct address.

You can also hide the map altogether by following these steps:

  • From a computer, go to the Things To Do page on your Website
  • Change Map of Things To Do to Hidden


Right now we're not able to disable the map feature for the events on your Schedule page. But if you notice your map is linking to the wrong place, reach out to our Support Team and they can help!

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