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Full wedding (ceremony and reception) pricing

Prices start at $2,500

Elopement pricing

Prices start at $2,000

About Silver Civet Pictures

Silver Civet Pictures


We are Marie and Logan, we are wedding videographers based in Orlando, Florida. We met in film school, where we discovered that our shared love for cinematography is just one of the many things we have in common. We like to spend time watching shows and movies, or nerding out about video equipment. We are passionate about the technical but also the artistic aspects of cinema, and we bring that passion into your wedding film.

YOUR FILM IS MORE THAN YOUR WEDDING DAY... IT'S A REPRESENTATION OF YOUR LOVE STORY... Your wedding day is both the culmination and beginning of a journey. We focus on capturing moments that will be meaningful to you now, but even more so in the future. We love working with couples who want to preserve their memories of their big day so they can relive them forever. Our wedding videos are timeless, romantic and we hope you feel the same emotions whether you watch it today, in a month, or in 10 years.



  • Drone Coverage
  • Engagement Reel
  • Extra Hours


  • Highlight reel
  • Long feature
  • Raw footage
  • Short feature
  • Social media versions


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