How can I get more leads?

Make sure you have a robust listing!

  • Check your Listing Strength score on your dashboard for personalized improvement suggestions!
  • Help couples understand your work through photos and videos
  • Showing a range of couples/weddings will help more couples envision themselves working with you

Add all the markets you serve

  • For all categories besides venues, don't forget to list all of the home markets you work in (markets you serve without any additional travel fees or accommodations).
  • You'll come up in search results for each market that you list, and it does not cost additional money to be in more than one market

Review your Lead Preferences

  • Make sure your lead preferences are up to date so we share your listing with couples that match your ideal client budget, style preferences and more

Show your price info on your listing

  • Giving couples some indication of how much investment is required also helps cut down on pure price shopping
  • If you aren’t comfortable showing a starting price on your listing, at least ensure your Lead Preferences pricing is up to date - if we do not have this information, when couples filter by price, you won’t show up in their results
  • You can update your packages and pricing here

Request reviews from both couples and vendors!

  • Our data shows that couples are more likely to inquire with a vendor when there are reviews included on the vendor's listing.
  • Bonus: Reviews are one of the eligibility criteria for our annual Best of Zola award

Want to make the first move? Exclusive to Zola, “Say Hello” to send a free note to Prospects that fit your preferences in your Leads section.

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Questions in this section