What if I do not not want to respond to an inquiry on Zola?

As a Zola vendor, we expect you to respond to each inquiry on Zola by connecting or declining. Each couple has specifically chosen to reach out to you (no bulk inquiries here!) and is eager to hear back, so we don’t want to leave them hanging! .

If you can tell immediately that the couple is not the right fit (budget, needs, etc) you can always decline for free using our polite template.

If you are unsure or open to seeing if a couple is flexible, we encourage you to connect with them. Connecting with a couple is risk-free with our Connection Protection Plan.

If you have an extenuating circumstance (you are already in talks with them, for example, so connecting or declining is confusing) please reach out to your Vendor Experience rep or weddingvendors@zola.com and we can help you out.

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Questions in this section