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Can I use Zola for my virtual wedding or event?

Yes! We offer the option to host a virtual event right on your wedding website. This way it's easy to set up and share with your guests.

To get started, simply head over to a computer (this option isn't available from our app at the moment), go to your Manage Website Dashboard, and then click into your Schedule page.

Towards the bottom of the page, you'll see two options - Add An Event and Add A Virtual Event - click on Add A Virtual Event.


Next, we'll prompt you to connect your Zoom account. (We recommend using your personal Zoom account, as company Zoom accounts may not allow you to host events.) To connect your account, click Add to Zoom, and follow the instructions to sign in and authorize Zoom to connect to your Zola account.


Once your account is connected, we'll ask if you have a meeting link - if not, no worries! We will generate a unique meeting ID for you. We'll just ask for a little bit of information first, then click Save Event Details when everything looks good:


If you already have a meeting, click "We do!" (and make sure your meeting is a scheduled, one-time meeting, not recurring), and enter your meeting link. This meeting link must be an event created in your Zoom account - not an event that someone else had created and shared with you. When you've finished this step, click Add & Review to make sure everything looks good:


You'll be redirected to this page next, so you can review all of your meeting details. If your event details look correct, click Next: Edit My Site to save and go to the next step.


Lastly, you can make edits to the title and details of your event, and preview how it will look on your wedding website:


Finally, click Save Virtual Event to save all of your event details!


A few other important notes:

  • The Zoom preferences you have set up in your account will apply the event you create - so keep that in mind if your account is limited to 45 minute meetings, etc.
  • The event will not be recorded automatically. Someone hosting the event must turn on that option when the event is in progress.
  • The Virtual Event tool is not available from the app at this time, so the event must be started from a computer.

To learn more about how to host a successful virtual event, visit our Expert Advice article about virtual weddings with Zola here!

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