My custom domain is not working - help!

Here are some helpful steps:

  • Make sure domain forwarding is set up correctly using these steps here.
  • Confirm that you've set up domain forwarding, not domain masking. (more info below!)
  • Make sure that you selected HTTPS and not HTTP
  • Give it time - it can take a couple of days for the new domain name information to propagate to servers worldwide. Once that process is complete your web forwarding should show correctly.
  • Try another device - check if the issue can be duplicated on another device because this issue may sometimes be device-specific.
  • Browser Extensions - Make sure you don't have any browser extensions installed that may interfere with the site connection such as adblockers - if so, make sure to whitelist your Zola website.
  • Clear cache & cookies - sometimes old or broken redirect links are saved by your browser which can interfere with the forwarding to your Zola website.
  • Check your network - sometimes the static IP address tied to your custom domain might be blocked by the network you are connected to
  • If your domain was transferred to a different hosting service, make sure that was done successfully
  • If your domain provider has a domain forwarding and masking service, make sure to disable masking as it can cause issues with forwarding.

If you continue to have issues, please reach out to the provider where you purchased your domain from. If you purchased your domain from Zola, you can contact: 1 (480) 624-2500

Note: Zola is proud to offer domain forwarding, but we do not currently offer domain masking. Forwarding without masking means that if guests type in your custom domain web address (ie., they'll be redirected to the same site as your zola website (ie. and they'll still see the longer Zola web address in their browser.

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Questions in this section