How do I connect a domain name I purchased somewhere else to my wedding website?

You'll need to go through the provider where you purchased your domain to find out how to automatically redirect your personal domain name to your Zola wedding website address.

Zola does not currently offer masking of website addresses, so your only option is to redirect, or forward, your purchased domain to your Zola website.

Unfortunately, Team-Z cannot do this for you - all of this needs to be done by your domain provider.

Here are the how-to's for redirecting from common domain providers:

If you purchased a domain from a provider that is not mentioned here, try searching online for "Your Domain Provider's Name Website Forwarding," and the instructions should appear in the search results.

If you purchased a domain name from another wedding website provider (like The Knot, Squarespace, WeddingWire, Appy Couple, or Riley & Grey), you can redirect the domain to your Zola wedding website address by reaching out to their customer service team.

If you purchased a domain name through Zola, click here to learn how to connect it to your wedding website!

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