Can I purchase a gift from a couple’s registry and ship it to myself to give to the couple personally?

Of course! We recognize the fun in bringing a physical gift to a shower or the wedding. So we make it easy to do.

During the checkout process, you can choose to ship the gift directly to the couple or select “Ship to another address” as seen below.


You'll be prompted to provide the address for where you’d like us to ship the gift.

Another fun feature: You can keep the gift a surprise if you don’t want the couple to know what you’ve purchased ahead of the shower or wedding. To take advantage, select “Make this gift a surprise!” during checkout as seen below. Then enter the “reveal date” of your choosing (like the day of or day after the shower or wedding). On the reveal date, we’ll notify the couple about your gift. For more on surprise gifts, click here.


Please note that sometimes, couples add items from other stores. To keep it simple for their guests, they will simply request the cash equivalent for the item. This allows them to have the flexibility of shipping at their convenience, as they will be able to complete the purchase later.

In that case, there will not be an option to ship the item to another address. If you want a gift that you can present in person, we recommend picking another item from the registry!

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