What is the “Our Most Wanted” feature and how can we use it?

“Our Most Wanted” is a badge that you can add to any of your gifts. It's an easy way to highlight your top registry picks so guests know what you really want (and are more likely to purchase!).

See below for how “Our Most Wanted” gifts appear on your registry.


To take advantage of this feature, go to your “Manage Registry” page and click on any gift to edit it. Then, check the box next to “Our Most Wanted” (see below) so guests can see what’s at the top of your wish list. Easy!


And just so you know: When you mark a gift as “Our Most Wanted,” it will automatically move toward the top of your registry.

We recommend keeping your most wanted gifts at the top of your registry so your guests see the picks you really want it. However, you still have full control over where items appear on your registry. Feel free to drag and drop to the location of your choice!

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