How can I remove an event from my RSVP page, but keep it on my schedule page?

For some folks having multiple wedding events, especially over the course of the same weekend or day, you may want to list multiple events on your website's Schedule page - but don't need your guests to RSVP to all of those events. No worries! There's an easy way to set this up in your account.

Head over to Your Events to get started:

1. Make the event public. On your Events page, click into the event you want to edit, scroll down to Event Settings on Website, and set the Make event public to all guests toggle to Yes.





2. Enable online RSVP. On that same Events page, scroll down to Event Settings on Website, and set the Allow guests to RSVP on website toggle to No.

3. DO NOT invite anyone to this event in your guest list. The quickest way to ensure that no one is invited is by going to the Build Guest List tab within Guest List, clicking Bulk Actions in the top-left corner, and selecting Remove from [insert your event here]. In the below example, we're removing everyone from the Welcome Dinner.

Guests will only see events that they are "Definitely Invited" to in their RSVP page, so setting up the event in this way will make sure that it is included on your Schedule page - but not on your RSVP page.

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